About Me

My name is James Wilson. I am a creative technologist, based in San Francisco, California. I have over 15 years engineering experience in the software industry, split between time at Facebook and Oracle. During my career, I have worked in areas ranging from database replication, to core systems infrastructure and rapid prototyping of research hardware. My interests in the field of software are primarily in engineering robust systems, programming languages, and the practice of building effective software engineering teams.

Beyond software, I am deeply interested in electrical engineering and industrial design. The creation of physical artifacts with integrated electronics, software, and aesthetics is a creative outlet I use for understanding the world. Lately, many of my projects have centered around the subject of time — how we keep and mark time, and how we experience it. Clocks and other timepieces, from the ancient to the modern, continue to occupy my attention.

I'm also an avid photographer and have recently rediscovered my love of film photography. When I take a camera with me that isn’t my phone, it is usually my 6x6 Hasselblad 501CM. The intentionality demanded from medium format film, coupled with the delayed gratification and tangibility of the medium, suits my approach to photography well.